Business Zombies
Normally, zombies are tagged as the ones who are seen on the big screen as dead creatures who come back to life and prey on human flesh. Zombies have gained this moniker as early as the 1970’s and has been also known to be associated in flicks through “Undeads”, “Living Dead” and monsters in this time and age.

On a business aspect, it refers to organizations that are operating at minimum levels, similar to that of holding their head above water. These groups are walking on a thin line and may at anytime be declared closed. Their existence lies in the investments and completes turnaround that would occur should investments come in.

But taking into consideration its level of existence and performance, it is highly unlikely that investors would risk their assets in investing in such operations. The probability of saving corporate operations and existence is simply too risky and that gambling on such may eventually be made for a lost cause.

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