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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. And it’s changing the way people talk to one another around the world today.

In the olden times the trend was for telephone calls and even data to be transferred through circuits. This meant that from point A to point B, there has to be an actual physical connection that is exclusive to that conversation alone. So for instance, if I were in Hawaii, and I was talking to my friend in the UK over the phone, my telephone is connected to his, some way or another, by wires. This was what made international and even long-distance calls expensive. You had to go through the telephone company, which had to go through the international gateway facility (IGF) to the other person’s telephone company.

Today, VoIP lets you call anyone around the world for a lower price or even for free. Calls are now routed via the Internet using packets. You can either use a computer with a VoIP soft phone or a dedicated VoIP phone that plugs in to the local area network. VoIP is fast replacing the plain old telephone system as the communications solution of choice for a lot of companies and even homes because of low-cost deployment and richness in features.

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