Vision Statement


Taken literally, a vision is something that people would want to create at some point in the future to come true. People would often think of something that they would want to come true in the future and this is what visions are really all about.

In a corporate setting, it goes along with the Mission Statement. However, they should not be intertwined since each of them would stand for something. Mission Statements cater more on the purpose of existence that an organization to pursue activities and service. Mission statements cover on how these points will be achieved. Vision statements are more on how a company would foresee itself at some point in time. They are more specific and are more goal oriented since set goals are being aimed to be achieved.

Vision Statement

Vision statements can be identified when statements that provide a definite goal and date are specified. Like for example, “This Hospital aims to be the leader in Cancer Curing by 2009” is an example of a vision statement. Simple but direct to the point.

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