Strategic Alignment
Condemned to the 1st Circle of Hell


Strategic Management

This word is perhaps often used in business undertakings. Strategy is essential to the success of any organization and implement and suggested ones would normally have to fit into established systems, assuming that the business does not want to risk implementing new policies and procedures in their current setup.

Such a resort is understandable. Applying new and innovative styles of strategies would be risking a large part of their operations. While new ideas and innovations are normal today, it is how to strategically align them with existing ones that will be important. It should not be immediately believed that new ideas that show promise and potential will be a perfect fit and good for companies. The implementation part will still have to be observed and tested.

Such has been the trend that current strategic management on corporate performance. Companies would not want to fall behind but given the established framework that they have at present, partial enhancements is entirely preferred over a total revamp that may need investment curing time once again.

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  1. 1
    Gobobo Says:

    To strategically align is just the same as looking for the best fit.

    It just sounds more pompous.

  2. 2
    Sheila Says:

    True! It is something that makes people more inclined at makig companies look good through supposed employment of better strategies. Sort of like a facelift. But just the same, best fit organizations start with best fit people on the job!