Spear Phishing
Condemned to the 1st Circle of Hell


Note: Phishing in general, has always irked me, it’s like the whole phat vs. fat thing.

A new type of online scam is “spear-phishing,” which instead of sending out millions of fraudulent emails, involves actually targeting recipients. That makes the scheme “far more sinister,” says Mark Sunner of MessageLabs. [...] Spear phish frequently appear to be sent from a company’s own human resources or information technology department. [...] Once hackers get the data they want, they can gain entry into secured networks. Another type of spear phish asks users to click on a link, which deploys spyware that can pilfer data.
(from IBM; thanks to Zubov at Digg)

  1. 1
    Brian Says:

    I don’t think spamming of an sort deserves to be given the honor a buzzword. However, I do picture a fuzzy faced eskimo spearing a phish….

  2. 2
    Chris Says:

    I immediately pictured the same fuzzy faced eskimo as above but then pictured him spearing Trey Anastasio in the head from a grassy knoll. This word definitely ranks up there with “Web 2.0″ and “shifting paradigm” as being among the worst buzzwords unleashed.
    Come to think of it what words rule hell as supreme hellish overlords? An unholy trinity of words that always seem to gather about each other? Is there such a trio?

  3. 3
    Ian Gordon Says:

    Burn you damn marketers and your damn, spam, damn you to the fiery pits of hell, the 9th circle awaits you!

  4. 4
    Carl Says:

    I have never heard or seen this unholy term before, and now feel like gouging my eyes out. I don’t really picture an eskimo personally, but instead a 12-year old with braces pretending to be 1337. Any word that needs to replace ‘f’ with ‘ph’ to try to sound cool should have it’s own private room reserved in the 9th circle of hell. Please do your part today and send this thing on it’s way down.

  5. 5
    Phrakk Says:

    “Spear-phishing” grates. Sorry to Carl for the ‘ph’ in my name. It’s intended to be sardonicly self-deprecating.

  6. 6
    Agood Says:

    Just the way they keep substituting “ph” for “f” erks me to no end. Will somebody please spear this dead fish and throw it to hell for me please?

  7. 7
    Matt Says:

    How about something more descriptive, like “targeted spamming?”

    How about something buzz-word free, like “targeting with junk mail?”

  8. 8
    Mikee Says:

    We all know what fishing means but to see it on the web by changing the first letter to two is something that is associated with trouble in general. They are malpractices that are up to no good and rest assured, you should try to find out what phishing really means.

    Spear phishing is something more complicated in a sense. It means bigger trouble if you are not careful. Just be on the lookout. You might be the bait that each spear phisher is aiming at today.