Condemned to the 2nd Circle of Hell


PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important.”

(from the lovelies at Google themselves)

  1. 1
    Brian Says:

    Everyone wants it……few have it…..and even fewer like the word. Burn I SAY! BURN!

  2. 2
    JohnC Says:

    BURN! Usless now anyways since the spammers abused the Hell out of it.

  3. 3
    Agood Says:

    Lets interpret a link for page A to be a vote for page B to pagerank the buzzword pagerank as a good candidate for the circles of HELL!!!!!

  4. 4
    slick rick Says:

    just cause a page has more or less trafic does that make it more important burn baby burn……

  5. 5
    Johny Bravomnn Says:

    Descriptions of poker pubs their atmospheresmnn

  6. 6
    Matt Says:

    It’d be okay if it were German, but in English, this sounds like something straight from 1984.

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    Mikee Says:

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