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Offline is usually associated with a page on the web that cannot be accessed due to the absence of a link or connection that allows users to see the actual page. In the same way, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) would usually use this when links are down for people who would want to make bank transactions using the ATM machines.

Offline Content

Offline occurs a lot, and these would be due to maintenance, line problems, or even internal issues. It is symbolic to that of a blank space where nothing can be seen or done and all a person can be able to do for the meantime is just waiting for the links and connections to once again go up so that access can be granted once more.

Offline is also like saying and inputting or sharing ideas and comments off the record. All conversations and comments do not need to be recorded to be understood. But to play it safe, it is best to save such comments and stuff outside that of regular gatherings, usually to avoid controversies and conflicts within the group.

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    Mikee Says:

    When you are tagged as putting your mind somewhere else, then you can be called an offline person. Apparently, this new term was used to be a meaning towards meaning your computer is off the hook and that you are not connected to the web. Being offline means there is nothing there to do and that most probably you can only attend to others once you get online again.

    It is perhaps something that best describes people who are clueless or not paying attention as well. Not digesting anything from what is going on or even caring about what others are saying is one thing. But to totally ignore them is another. Are you offline as well?

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