Condemned to the 1st Circle of Hell


Here’s a favorite term of those wanting to make money off the Web, including probloggers and webmasters. There’s nothing wrong with earning a living, but sometimes reading how to “monetize this” and “monetize that” can get tiring. And there is only a limit to how much adverts on websites one can take.

In business, monetization refers to the process of deriving revenue from some group of customers that would not otherwise generate revenue for the business. The problem of monetizing a group of web site users is one that many companies failed to solve during the dot-com bust, and folded. These customers are often monetized today by placing advertisements on web sites. – Wikipedia

Pretty soon everywhere you go online, there will be advertisements plastered all over your screen!

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    johnnychips Says:

    It looks like this word should have something to do with the French artist Monet. It is a horrible expression but on the other hand it can derive its roots from the stablished word ‘monetary'; ‘moneyisation’ looks and sounds worse.

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    AnferTuto Says:

    Hola faretaste

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    Buzzerboy Says:

    Money, money and money. This is what this buzzword simply means. How to get money, how to produce money and how to handle money. That is what it means and if you are in business, it is how you earn from some brainstormed idea to make good profits.

    But seriously, would you use it in plain terms when you need money? We have different ways to term cash and money but monetization doesn’t seem to be close to being one of them.