The term was born way back in the days of kings and queens where certain professionals/tradesmen fell in between royalty and the working class. In today’s world where horses have been replaced by cars, trucks, SUV’s and Luxury cars, the term seems a bit too useless, why? Considering the fact that a small economic bubble that was created by people from within ends up blowing up in their faces dragging the rest of the world down with it suddenly saw a humongous bubbling of the so-called lower class.
People in the “middle class” suddenly had the floors pulled from under them sending them into oblivion in the gutters of the lower-class, while the rich or “upper class” remain in the upper for as long as we remember. The word is quite outdated for we don;t live in castles or ride on horses anymore, yet we still follow this term when according to PBS.Org:

America is sometimes called a “middle-class country,” but nobody — not economists, sociologists, or the U.S. Census Bureau — seems to have a clear definition of who the middle class actually is. The notion of where a dividing line between “middle class” and “working class” might be is an elusive one.

Ask anyone and there should only be two terms, rich and poor for the thin red line that separates them are almost flexible so either up or down, would be best. It’s like saying yes and no with the maybe inside signifying uncertainty. The only thing that is certain is that people who work hard enough to live comfortably can get thrown off their horses in the blink of an eye. The recession is biting down so hard there is no distinction between the three classes anymore with everybody losing jobs and doing what, playing video games. Life would be simpler if a new word for this medieval formed word, just hope it ends this depression for we’re certainly smack in the middle of it.
(Definitions from : Wikipedia)