Information Superhighway
Condemned to the 3rd Circle of Hell


Note: This is an old one from all of our pasts, but a buzzword nonetheless. Wonder if Mr. Gore still feels as proud of it now as he did then. Wait, he created the Internet right?

[...] The official project was dubbed the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and went beyond the interconnectivity of just computers; the scope broadened to include all types of data transmissions between a plethora of places, people, and devices. It is often associated with the US politician and former vice president, Al Gore, who promoted funding for programmes that led to aspects of the development of the Internet [...] the highway analogy, though useful and apt, has perhaps served its purpose.

Internet denizens sometimes use these terms in reference to the terms’ overuse by traditional popular media (and consequently by non-Internet-users) while the Internet was still becoming mainstream. Compare with the term Interweb. Many geeks often use it in a mocking tone, poking fun at the press for always being hopelessly behind in their description of technical matters.

(from Wikipedia)

  1. 1
    Chris Says:

    This is deprecated and only used by those (albeit rarely) who still think that the web is the only part of the internet. I’ll admit I’m guilty of using the dread Interweb term on occassion in precisely the manner described above but I think this one is naturally fading into the obscurity it deserves.

  2. 2
    pkmk Says:

    stop bashing al gore

  3. 3
    Carl Says:

    I agree, this term has overstayed it’s welcome on the terrestrial plane

  4. 4
    Ian Gordon Says:

    Wow, this is like so going to the 7th circle of hell.

  5. 5
    Daniel Nicolas Says:

    I didn’t really think anyone actually used this term. It should already be in hell

  6. 6
    Brian Says:

    See what bothers me is the lack of traffic lights, police or tow trucks available on this so called “super” highway. How and why is the highway called “super”? I see it more as mediocre. The Info Mediocre Highway. Yeah! Condemn THAT to hell!

  7. 7
    That Guy Says:

    People still use this?! Are these the same people that still “surf the ‘net”?DIE DIE DIE.

  8. 8
    Katie Says:

    I can’t believe people still say this, but it’s true. I seen it.
    It just makes me think of those really crappy commercials on TV that local businesses and such make that have clip-art like it was drawn by a two-year-old on MS paint and a blue background. Also common on public access shows… but local public access, not PBS.
    I don’t know why I equate the two… but they both grate on me just the same.

  9. 9
    Dryte Says:

    the interenet isn’t the information superhighway. it may be a highway of information, but a lot of information travels by wireless, cell phones, etc. it’s a dumb term. should go way down. i personally enjoy spreading information by talking. wow! in person you ask? …sad.

  10. 10
    Fillet o' Fish Says:

    “Idiotnation stupidhighway.” – The channels through which a subculture of degenerate beings coin painfully cheesy and horrid analogic descriptions and misuse technical terms from other fields in a pitifully desperate attempt to seize the attention of people around them who actually couldn’t care less about said topic. examples – marketing moonies, politicians, business monkeys. oh and jEff K. sez d@ 1ntarN3t iz c0o0L!@!2@!!!!

  11. 11
    Agood Says:

    Gas it up and put it on the information superhighway to Hell!!!!!!!!

  12. 12
    Tigger Says:

    “Information Highway” would have been ok, but what the hell is a “superhighway” ?

  13. 13
    Radar Rider Says:

    Please, Mommy, make the bad word go away! Is anything in the Ninth circle ever seen by mortal eyes again? If not, then I would say that is the perfect residence for this monstrosity.

  14. 14
    ElsieElsie Says:

    old and overused

  15. 15
    Matt Says:

    “You mean the Internet? Why don’t you just say ‘the Internet’?”

  16. 16
    nkrumah Says:

    Anyone who says this is undoubtedly over 35 and thinks that the “internet is just a bunch of tubes!”

  17. 17
    John Says:

    Friends, I beg to differ. It’s so old, so out, it’s in. I hadn’t heard it for years, but I’ve started using it just to wind people up.

    See also: Infopike (Variety-speak), Masturbation Superhighway

  18. 18
    Mikee Says:

    Catch a ride or you may find yourself obsolete. At least this is what information superhighway is trying to get at. We are all aware of the fast paced technological enhancements we have today and if we are not careful, we may just end up lacking up to date news and gimmicks which the world goes through everyday.

    We all want to be updated and getting on the highway is perhaps the best thing to do. But make sure we do understand them since we may eventually be wasting our time as well.

  19. 19 Says:

    [...] Well here we go again, everyone is Loud about Cloud Computing as if it is the panacea of the Information Super Highway. [...]

  20. 20
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