Condemned to the 1st Circle of Hell


In what is perhaps another social networking site that is quietly making its way towards popularity, Facebook is something that people are getting into. Many of the subscribers have tried out the other usual networking sites such as Friendster and MySpace and the response has indeed been something.

Now why Facebook? Taken individually, it does make sense. Placing friends (or faces) for that matter into one site as subscribed will eventually interconnect people. But for the more serious people, it is like having a book with faces in it. Now isn’t that something to think about? Who would want a book with faces in it, most of which may perhaps be different in nature and origin.

But the funny thing in the world today is that whatever crops up solicits the fancy of most people. Facebook has joined their ranks. Unfortunately, it is just a cliché and if people are really wise, they would ask themselves, what is a Facebook anyway?

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    Mikee Says:

    A Facebook is the new alternative to social building sites such as Friendster. Ok so what is a facebook? Taken up logically, you put your face on a book? But why the web? Why not Face Album or maybe even photobook?

    Well, the point here is to grab attention. Faces are scattered and spread all over the Internet and to get the keywords is really something important. Facebook aims to make another impact in the world of social building and networking. But maybe if there was an alternative or easier way to explain why it is supposed to be called Facebook!