Condemned to the 1st Circle of Hell


Ezine is another term used by online publishers to depict online magazines, something that has taken over the usual magazine publishing we see in the world today. Its primary aim is to shift the usual paper-reliant subscribers towards reading the same content and features but while at the same time maximizing technology and the fruits it has given towards the world today.

The only thing different here is that you are left to read and need to access the web, something that everyone has today. It also helps reduce the issue of paper utilization, a contributing factor towards garbage and waste as we see today.

Today, most people read their favorite articles and columns on the web through known magazine sites that have shifted their line of business using cyberspace. It is indeed the new wave of the future as far as business is concerned and most of the data we usually have to read from proper printing can be seen on-screen through our monitors to access the web.

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    Tazha Says:

    The move towards e-commerce today has obviously made magazines a prehistoric thing of the past. While it means well, ezine is still something that puzzles me. What makes it different? Just because we can see it on the web does not mean that it is electronic in nature.

    For some it may not matter but for the people who are not specifically educated on these new concepts, it sounds like another buzzword that needs to be built on.