Condemned to the 1st Circle of Hell


We always look for the new words and modern terminologies that we forget that the word itself is a buzzword also. Buzzwords are fashion terminologies stemming from new words used and composed like idioms in various purposes such as managerial, technical, and political setups. The secret behind such buzzwords is that they do not have any precise meaning and are used in place of the common terms that are used by people today.

Buzz Words

In the real world, learning new terminologies as used by different people become a part of their own at some point. While the true meaning may not necessarily be the actual meaning, buzzwords that are used often cater towards misleading people if they do not understand how they are really used.

These new terms are not found in dictionaries since they are made to apply a whole new meaning to catch the audience attention. Hearing uncommon words will often do the trick in soliciting interest and to people who have already done so, use of such has obviously been proven already.

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  1. 1
    Gobobo Says:

    Buzzwords often have the incorrect result of making office workers feel they have a life. They don’t.

  2. 2
    Tyson Key Says:

    I would like to see “green” (as in environmentally sound), “healthy”/”healthier” (referring to the massive “health food” boom happening at the moment) relegated to Buzzword Hell.

  3. 3
    Mikee Says:

    If you want to be inventive and known for some words in use today, then chances are they will soon become common terms to shorten or summarize meanings. They are buzz words, common day new terms to which people are called off guard if they don’t know the meaning of buzz words.

    We have lots of them. Mostly invented out of the blue. They are words used to depict something rather than saying complicated things. But using buzzwords is like making it complicated as well since you have to let them know what the buzz is. People just don’t care that much as long as they are on the same channel and understanding each other.

    Just dont end up misinterpreting!