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This is a common word that we use today to connote an achievement, milestone or a solution from something that has been given much effort. When we hear this word, the immediate association of technology and new offering to satisfy the demand and expectations of consumers and people would usually be included.

“The word breakthrough is cited as a frequently-used buzzword, in which case its meaning is intentionally vague, but carries a connotation of newness or modernness. See buzzword for an explanation of this usage. –Wikipedia”

A formulated result that has been deemed as something bright and promising, breakthroughs have also been associated with any undertaking to which standpoints have been taken down, allowing efforts and studies to advance to another level and provide acceptable answers.

People usually consider it as something promising and the result of which will bring something big and provide an impact towards forecasts and expectations which will surely be a big hit to the people today.

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    Gobobo Says:

    A ‘breakthrough’ gives the mind an immediate story of gaining something which took a lot of time, ingenuity and toil, if used on it’s own.
    If there was a mistake, mishap or coincidence which brought upon this breakthrough the mind still sees the time and toil, but forgets the ingenuity.

    Also perspective can re-evaluate a breakthrough, such as Einstien splitting the atom or Edison perfecting the lightbulb.