My Profile Story Brings Social Networking Satire To Life

One of the more original new web series to debut recently is also one of the hardest to explain. The Fine Brothers’ My Profile Story is about the drama that ensues when you rank on someone’s social networking profile page, anthropomorphized thanks to the miracle of green-screening. It’s like Toy Story, but with the Top Friends section on MySpace. And it’s a hoot.

Once you wrap your head around the concept, My Profile Story opens up as a solid satire of social networking concepts. See, Jenny’s just your average girl with an account on the social networking site, and when she leaves her computer, her Top Friends come to life. But because this is Jenny’s profile page, their lives all revolve around their relationship to Jenny — and when her best friend Kali discovers that she’s been pushed out of the top friend spot by Jenny’s new boyfriend Jordan, trouble begins to brew.

While the pilot launched today on, the show’s official site is definitely worth checking out, as it’s a perfect mirror of the My Profile Story service used in the show, completely with parody banner ads and profiles for all the supporting characters. It’s even possible to create a profile for yourself and become friends with the characters on the show — but the Fine Brothers don’t pass up any opportunity to poke fun atsocial networking in general.

In the pilot, the only character who really stands out is Kali, and we don’t know quite enough about the relationship between real-world Jenny and Jordan to get invested in its survival, online or off. Also, what happens to these avatars on other pages of the site: Do their profiles have their own profile drama of their own?