Condemned to the 2nd Circle of Hell


Note: This is only here because of it’s “misuse.” Beta being used as an excuse for a product that will never fully work, one that will never be finished, or an excuse for not having to quickly fix bugs.

A beta version or beta release represents the first version of the software that has passed system testing and regression testing. These tests were performed in a test environment using hardware and data constructed for the purposes of testing. The beta build is now ready for a beta test, in which it is tested through a limited roll-out to a production environment using live data and real users. The beta test is closely monitored by the software testers.

(from Wikipedia; thanks to John Oxton and his mailing list)

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    Chris Says:

    This one while misappropriated and slightly overused is slowly turing into a hype term moreso than an actual buzzword (don’t ask me to define the difference, this comment is merely a beta comment and so not fully finished). Hype is the new buzz or something pithy like that.
    I personally don’t mind Beta except for when it is the resounding battle cry of obsessed fans.
    Oh well at least I’ve yet to see a site or product labeled Web Beta 2.0 :D

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    Stefan Hayden Says:

    Remember those old animated “Under Construction” animated gifs? There where eventually stamped out for a number of reasons. The first is that they were always ugly. Second is that the web is supposed to change, be updated and improved. Beta is simply the new “under construction” gif.

    10 years and all that’s changed is that it’s not animated.

    Beta can’t last for more then a year or two more. win a prize if you can spot it’s replacement.

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    Brian Says:

    Yeah. It seems that the whole “Beta release” is a big deal now. Or the whole “Pre-Beta Release” And what about the Alpha release?

  5. 5
    Ian Gordon Says:

    I don’t have anything again Beta, I mean Alpha, Beta, Delta…but still…greek is like so 11th Century.

  6. 6
    karmatosed Says:

    This message is in beta and any speeling mustakes are do to is. :-)

  7. 7
    Brian Says:

    Has anyone seen my fish? My beta fish?

  8. 8
    Henke Says:

    Condemned be all the fake betas, especially all the Google betas, even though they work nice.

  9. 9
    ailaG Says:

    it won’t die. it will only be replaced by something awkwardly similar.

  10. 10
    Phoat Says:

    Beta will die, only to come back again when Microsoft rolls out some new software or something. Remember how everyone was going with version numbers, then all of a sudden, MS released windows 95 and everyone released their programs with a year in the name? Since when did the software industry take it’s cues from car manufacturing?

    Like everyone else, this post in in beta so expect it change.

  11. 11
    Dryte Says:

    i am tired of people saying “i got beta”! wow. wouldn’t you rather just get the real thing? it’s out now. i would rather not use a beta model. i would want something refined, and worth my time and money. people should be payed to test beta’s . fools that volunteer are just fucking everyone else. big companies should pay for anything they require, such as beta testing.

  12. 12
    MsHavoc Says:

    Anyone remember Sony’s Beta? (the loser to VHS…if you’re too young…it’s what came before DVD’s) Look how well THAT turned out…

  13. 13
    Porucznik Borewiczssv Says:

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  14. 14
    Matt Says:

    “Pre-beta release”? WTF is that? You gonna release the beta?

    How about “pre-order”. No jackass, that is BEFORE I decide to order something.

  15. 15
    Mikee Says:

    Whenever I hear this word, it seems like it is pointing towards that earlier video player before the VHS. Now it is being used as a sort of trial stage software to which people may not readily understand. Also, it could probably mean as something to do with science such as beta rays and such.

    Technology has adopted this new term only because they want to listen to something different. By all means, Beta should be defined something better to avoid throwing people off course when it comes to trial software or programs.

    One thing good about it is that people may deem it as to be in the testing stages, which is actually the case. When we see the finalized version or full version, that is perhaps the time we can safely say, it is no longer beta. Well, beta-versions should be known to be test dummies. Does it make any sense?