Intellectual Property

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The term denotes a form of control over the rights to thoughts, ideas or formulas that have been translated into physical or electronic form making the one who creates the work as the sole owner or copyright owner. The concept has been twisted, turned and even re-defined many a times that has been made utterly useless by the proliferation of the internet for anything within it is considered to be fair game. In the hey days of the early internet, such rights were held as proper decorum on the internet but with millions of users all over the world, such a move would prove to be an exercise of true futility. Check the internet for copyright laws and every industry would have their own interpretation and every country would also have their own form of laws. Many have been deploring the said laws for they border on the right to expression and many other rights to the flow of free information. On the internet, who really owns the information contained within the many servers scattered all over the world in millions of terabytes of information as they zip all over the place? Nobody and everybody, for as the definition of the internet goes, it is an interconnected network of networked computers in the most basic form which has exploded into a global network.
Even the most secure document protected by the best military-grade encryption system is stored in one form or the other that can be read, interpreted or hacked into making it well, public property. Does the owner of the server on which the data a specific document is stored onto have the right to claim ownership? Or the guy who writes it and places it onto the internet for all to enjoy? The question will get as wide an answer as one can fathom for anything and we do mean anything on the internet is for all to see and use as they see fit. No one policing agency can monitor all the information on the millions of servers among the million sof users to check each and every one of the bytes stored if they were unique or not. Want advise, want to claim copyrights, KEEP IT OFF THE INTERNET and keep it in print or some other form that cannot be shared, copied or downloaded to and from the internet which is the only sire way to go! “Knowledge is Power and knowledge is meant to be shared to all”


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The word inspires fear in the hearts of many who favor to get tunes from the many FTP download sites that have killed off the word, rendering it useless for quite sometime. The coming of new media helped little to promote the move to control the flow of music from the masses to the masses and even artists themselves who staunchly embraced the provisions of the laws and regulations turning toward the other direction embracing free media to some extent.
According to Wikipedia:

The use of digital rights management is controversial. Advocates argue it is necessary for copyright holders to prevent unauthorized duplication of their work to maintain artistic integrity and to ensure continued revenue streams. Some opponents, such as the Free Software Foundation, maintain that the use of the word “rights” is misleading and suggest that people instead use the term Digital Restrictions Management. Their position is essentially that copyright holders are attempting to restrict use of copyrighted material in ways not covered by existing laws.The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other opponents, also consider DRM systems to be anti-competitive practices.

Most artists have already shifted to utilizing the benefits of new media and how fast their music gets out onto the net and into the hands of the people themselves who seem to have been totally iPodized, using the small gadgets and gizmos, playing tunes where ever they may be. The move is totally dead, and with blow after losing blow to the RIAA and their puny lawsuits that did get some of the culprits behind illegal file/song sharing over the internet, but even that cannot stop the thousands or so sites that still operate as such. It seems the term is utterly useless, like the bad after-taste you get after brushing your teeth and trying to gulp down some soda. Many haven’t even heard of the word as it played out in courtrooms all over the globe, it just seems too great a force to stop the free music

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